Winegard's RoadTrip Minimax is a powerful portable that provides reliable performance while wrapped in the sleekest, smallest encasement possible. The rounded high gloss dome with an antenna design, enhanced for maximum performance, allows for peak signal reception even during adverse weather conditions! Satellite reception is delivered fast utilizing DVB technology which is included for acquiring signal automatically. Once a signal has been acquired multiple programs can be watched simultaneously on a single satellite due to dual receiver support. The RoadTrip Minimax RV Satellite occupies very little space atop your RV. Also, installation is simple since the antenna comes preassembled with mounting feet attached. Both stationary and "In-Motion" models are available. Stationary does as the names suggest whereas the In-Motion version is capable of signal acquisition while the RV is moving.

MiniMax satellites

Winegard RoadTrip MiniMax 15" RV TV Satellite & In-Motion Satellite Antennas

    MiniMax Features: